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“Painting” is a Word
Time:2013-10-14 Browse:3000 Author:WangJun     

“Painting” is a Word

I try to tear open this word and find some possible ways from the gap it generates, or try to stir up the system it covers and see if I can discover some points to make notes. What I care about is the possible structural relation to be established between two works. I regard the flexibility yielded from the interlacement of this structural net as a response to existence.

Today, no matter how you do things, you’ll always be right. How to be wrong is a problem, and also a dilemma. 

I often recall the inexplicable excitement and anxiety when I first made artworks. I am willing to place my creation in an unsolved status. For an incurable skeptic, constantly changing media, stirring up some soon-to-solidify things, disorganizing and rebuilding their own logic, is a painstaking but enjoyable process, as well as the method and path I currently take interest in.

Wang Jun

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