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Artist: Cai Zebin, Ge Yan, Gong Chenyu, He Xun, Jin Jinghong, Liang Xu, Qian Jiahua, Xie Bingxin, Xu Dawei, Zhang Tianjun, Zhang Zhaoying, Mr. d. Mouse

Opening: 11.14(SAT.), 3:30pm

Duration: 11.14.2015 C 01.17.2016

Venue: L-Art Gallery

On November 14th , L-Art Gallery will brings the newest exhibition: ^The Twelve Paintings ̄ . The exhibition will showcase the creations by 12 artists who create and live in different province of China. We exhibit one artwork of each artist to observe the creation and thinking of them in recent time. Each artist provides two artworks and we will show them in two periods of time. Exhibition will lasts for January 17th 2016.