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Artist: Zhang Tianjun

Opening: 11.1(Sun.), 4: 30pm

Duration: 11.1. 2015 C 11.13. 2015

Add: Poly Gallery Hong Kong / 701-708, 7F, One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

L-Art Gallery will bring the new solo exhibition of artist Zhang Tianjun ^Origin C Zhang Tianjun ̄ in Poly Gallery Hong Kong at November 11th (Sun) with the new creation of Zhang Tianjun.

This exhibition can be seen as a summarization of 7 years creation time and the beginning of the next phase of creation. ^ When most people were still used tounderstanding a work from the images or symbols that a painter used to depictwhat he felt and thought, Zhang Tianjun had already actioned according to hisfeeling per minute since the first second of his painting work. Starting fromthe images of a dot, a trunk or a stone, possibilities extended along the edgesof the starting point, until a seemingly familiar painting was finished. ̄Lu Peng which as the academic chair said like this.