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 Duration: 20th December, 2014 - 30th January, 2015


 Academic Host: Lu Mingjun


 Artists: Ge Yan, Gong Jian, Ji Lei, Liao Guohe, Lin Ke, Lu Pingyuan, Wang Sishun, Yu Ji, Zhang Zhaoying


 Opening: 3:30PM-6PM, Saturday, 20th December, 2014


 Venue: L-Art Gallery


 学术对话 | Academic Dialogue:


 Theme: Intelligence, Boredom and Energy: Contemporary Painting


 Participants: Gong Jian, Ji Lei


 Host: Lu Mingjun


 Time: 14:00PM-15:30PM, Saturday, 20th December, 2014


 Venue: L-Art Gallery

L-Art Gallery invite curator Lu Mingjun as the academic support in the exhibition which include pieces by Ge Yan, Gong Jian, Ji Lei, Liao Guohe, Lin Ke, Lu Pingyuan, Wang Sishun, Yu Ji and Zhang Zhaoying, including paintings, video, live performances and other type of works.
“Boredom is the Beginning of Action…” is not a boring topic, but an exhibition about “boredom”. In the beginning of last century, the “boredom” that had repeatedly appeared under Lu Xu’s pen heralded a massive revolution. One hundred years later, Slavoj Zizek (1949- ) also believes boredom is the beginning of each real action. He said, “There would be no creation without boredom. If you are not bored, that means you are stupidly enjoying your current situation. It is boredom that opens new career space.”
Boredom is a potential. It will not become its own prison, neither will it hastily march forward. It may be a mechanic repetition or takes the form of a nihilist “vulgarity”. All the elegant and handsome intellectual gestures and the retroactive performances by the losers and rascals seem to be a little cheap here. Boredom refuses to take on any concrete social or political function. It is never a personal aesthetic mood that resists changes. It has no content or aim. Doubt, vapidity, dejection, trance and “callousness”-the almost “naked” life forms like those constitute its soundless speech and vitality. Now, these interesting skins of pictures and dialogical techniques are a symptom of boredom as well as an omen for individual action. In other words, it itself means a kind of action.