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ARTIST:  Li Rui (Yun Guran)
OPENING:  3pm 15th Mar (Sat), 2014
DURATION:  15th Mar (Sat) C 12th May (Mon), 2014
VENUE:  L-Art Gallery

From 15th March till 12th May, L-Art Gallery is delighted to present solo exhibition Li Rui Poem for emerging artist Li Rui from Yun Nan. This is the 4th solo exhibition of Li Rui right after shows in Yun Nan, Beijing and Taipei. ¬Over 20 paintings and part of precious manuscripts created in recent 2 years will be displayed in this exhibition. We are also showing the documentary of Li Rui to provide insight into his creative process. What¨s more interesting is that artist created a wall painting on-site especially for this event.

Li Rui(national name: Yun Gu Ran), from the Hani nationality, was defined by featured contemporary artist Mao Xuhui as ^Pure Yun Nan Artist ̄. His paintings are as beautiful as poems written by brush and colors. The landscape he portrayed is not only a natural paradise but also a spiritual free land.

L-Art Gallery is honored to hold Li Rui¨s very first solo exhibition in Chengdu. We warmly invite you to the opening ceremony on 15th March (SAT) 3pm and hope you can feel the breath of Spring through his art.