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L-Art Gallery holds the second exhibition “Grand Views from Small Images – Chinese Contemporary Small Artworks Collection Project” in the middle of winter as a warm ending for 2012. We invite 12 artists from Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai and Kunming to create 12 totally different individual worlds on canvas within 1m2. Artists create their own works on small size canvas in their own languages and styles, and some of the works may be more experimental which are different from the artists’ past creations. We’d like to pass on the thoughts, mind and creativity of Chinese contemporary youth generation to every audience through “Grand Views from Small Images”. In the meantime, we hope that by holding “Chinese Contemporary Small Artworks Collection Project” constantly, more people would come to realize the true meanings of collecting contemporary art.


Duration: 2012.12.21-2013.2.20

Opening: Friday, 7PM, December 21, 2012

Artists: Chen Jiao, Li Chao, Li Yin, Ma Lingli, Shen Na, Xie Bingxin, Xu Guo, Zhai Liang, Zhang Tianjun, Zhao Yang, Zhao Yiqian