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New Colour: An Art Empirical of a False Proposition

“New Colour” is a false proposition. Since none of any colour is new. However, if we walk out of the objective limitation of colour itself, we could perceive a more colourful world beyond colours. “New Colour” is basically a discovery of the uni-characterized world behind a whole new art character.

Titled with “New Colour”, L-Art Gallery Opening Exhibition invited four artists: Zhang Ya, Qian Lili, Xie Fan and Wang Haichuan. Among them can we regard Zhang Ya, Qian Lili, Xie Fan as the “Post '80 Generation” artist group. Their childhood is in the time when Chinese Contemporary Art had started to coruscate a new uplifting vitality. Today, after 30 years, they are injecting a brand new “colour” into Chinese Contemporary Art with their own unique art concepts. This kind of “conceptual colour” may embrace rupture, continuity, inquiry, even experiment.

Comparing with the three young artists, Wang Haichuan definitely has more experience in art. However, it does not mean an artistic acceptation without serious thoughts. No matter which way we use to group artists, theoretical or factual, it is not a serious and thoughtful methodology. We can clearly perceive that neither Wang Haichuan’s works are out-of-dated, nor the previous three younger artists are immature. Because of this, we’d rather face art of today as well as our traditions with more diverse and free perceptions, altering the simple positivistic artistic logic that we used to apply in the past.

Chinese literati Wang Guowei said in his Words of Human World that “The environment is around me, the viewing point is from me, and therefore things are colored by me.” Anything, stable or dynamic, exists and disappears as time a preconditioned. Anything changing or changeless has a continuity and consistency of matters themselves. Such continuity is completed in the context of environment “around me”. Meanwhile because it’s “around me”, any creating method and result such as color intuition and material using etc. about art work is the judgment of “me”. We wouldn’t conclude or unify it. We emphasis diversified art logic, but we emphasis more diversified appreciation interest.

Considering beyond the narrow sense of “Colour”, “New Colour” is a temperament, a vision or even a subjective result influenced by environment, attitude and mood. Colour in the real sense is a connection of inner world and out space, an understanding and acceptance of active and passive. In nowadays, we exist in present and future as confronter of contemporary art in a observing or interfering way, and we couldn’t help changing constantly our observing and understanding way as the changing of time, context, information and favor. To a group of persisting known or unknown creator, “Colour” could be a personal faith or pursuit, and their exploration, contemplation and breakthrough in eternal faith. To us audiences and promoters, it’s a call of importing a new air and creates an active search, an excavation and deep interaction and acceptance.

The nature image and art mission is not unchanged. We need to continue our inner persists in the time that belongs to us, and continue the impulse to interfere with discovering and happening. In the time scale that extends from before to the future, we do not need to depart again, we need to find the excitement point that brings resonance to ourselves in existing tracks.

Same objects, New Colour.