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L-Art Gallery, a burgeoning contemporary art space in Chengdu, focuses on emerging artists and iscommitted to discoveringand cultivating new artists, as well as promoting China’s newest contemporary art. Since its founding in 2011, L-Art Gallery has become more important and influential for thepromotion of contemporaryart.

L-Art Gallery islocated in Tianfu New Area, Chengdu’s latest high-end industrial zone and the city’sfuture CBD, neighboring with Chengdu Museum ofContemporary Art. Given Chengdu’s history as one of China’s major centers of contemporaryart, L-Art Gallery aims to build on these traditions by discovering, supportingand promoting China’s latest generation of young artists. Through exhibitionsand art projects supported by academic seminars and varied forms of activities,L-Art Gallery presents new possibilities and landscape of Chinese contemporaryart, encouraging more open, free, and diverse directions for artistic creation.

As well as its regularprograms within its space, L-Art Gallery has also participated in various artfairs including Art Beijing, Art Taipei, and Art Stage Singapore. L-Art Galleryhas also collaborated with important curators and participatedin international projects with different art organizations promoting youngartists. Starting locally, this new space has continued to build upcross-border relationships with art institutes, art lovers, and collectors,creating better communication and interaction.

As a newcontemporary art space, L-Art Gallery welcomes collaboration with alternative spaces,brands, and individuals to encourage crossover practice, stepping into fashion,design, music, and other areas of popular culture. With a more youthful,creative and cutting-edge but nevertheless popular approach, L-Art Gallery aimsto lead the wider public in better understanding and connecting withcontemporary art, by providing varied art experiences and promoting publiceducation on contemporary art and aesthetics.